Because Pixiv is more accessible in English, I think English speaking users on here who reblog Pixiv works have an obligation to make accounts and document the works they reblog. 

Give them ten stars, bookmark them, even comment on them. Show the artist that their talent is being recognized.

Honestly, if you think that its too much work to show appreciation for the art you paste all over your blog, you probably shouldn’t be reblogging Pixiv artwork at all. 

Would you say I became a hero? -> Inspired by and dedicated to Eli (grand-piano)


          " Put away your pervert goggles
            and l-let’s go!


About kamiaso

It’s a little different with pixiv [I just modified somewhere and add 2 characters( ´ _ゝ`)]



[Zexal] N0.99: Dragon King of Wishes, Hope Dragoon

とりあえず今日は早く寝た方がいいですね。 - For now, you should go to sleep early today.


とりあえず今日は早く寝た方がいいですね。(Toriaezu kyou wa hayaku neta hou ga ii desu ne) - For now, you should go to sleep early today.

とりあえず (Toriaezu) - For the time being, To start with (often used when giving the “first step” or what is possible at this point in time)

今日 (Kyou) - Today

は (Wa) - Topic particle

早く (Hayaku) - Ku form of 早い (hayai, early/soon)

寝た (Neta) - Plain past tense form of 寝る (neru, to (go to) sleep)

方 (Hou) - “This way,” used when comparing options (see below)

が (Ga) - Subject marker

いい (Ii) - Good

です (Desu) - Polite copula

ね (Ne) - Sentence ending particle used for emotional emphasis or agreement

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